Just prior to heading off on our Titicaca island tour, we were pressured by the machine into signing up and putting a deposit on the next leg of our trip, The “First Class” bus tour to Cusco. This “tour” is an all day bus trip to Cusco, complete with multilingual guides and a few stops at select tourist destinations. Of course its over 3 times the price of the simple overnight bus trip to Cusco. So we had the 2 days island trip to think about whether this was good value for money or not, but since we’d already given up a deposit, when we got back to Puno we had no choice.

If we weren’t already regretting our decision, we were soon informed that the entry cost to all the of sites we’d be visiting wasn’t included. So off we went. The seats certainly weren’t anything special, but the guides were quite interesting, the ruins at Raqchi were quite impressive, and the church in Andahuaylillas was amazing, painted wall to wall with old frescos. Needless to say at all the stops was a wall of handicraft stalls, waiting to eat up all the tourists. A nice lunch was included, although for that day I was suffereing from some severe tummy unhappiness so was in no position to enjoy lunch, or that day in general.

Coming up to Cusco we were treated to some amazing mountain scenery, with large potions of the steep slopes somehow being used to grow various crops. We arrived in Cusco in the evening and I sat in the beautiful main Plaza in a state of extreme discomfort while Sophie went to look up a hostel. Then it was a sprint to the hostel for me to relieve my bowels. After an hour or so on the can I could finally appreciate the fact that we’d made it to Cusco.