We arrived in Puerto Natales (Southern Chile) nearly 2 weeks ago… 8 of those days we spent exploring – walking over 100km’s – in the neighboring very beautiful National Park Torres Del Paine. Somehow, we spent the rest of the time was spent hanging out with the Seguel Albernoz family of Puerto Natales.

I don’t know where to begin to try and explain this extrodinary family. Their house was originally set up as a resturant out the front and hostel out the back but after hearing about Couch Surfing a few years ago they have opened up their house to the world. Since then they have had almost one thousand people from across the globe stay with them. We arrived to an open armed Gloria and we’re welcomed by a warm cosy, delicious-smelling house filled with kids, dogs and other travlers.

The family consists of Gloria – Our tempoary and very loving mum, Oscar – our temporary and very strict espanol proffesor! And their four children, Alison and Enzo of which we spent the most of our days with, exploring strange and wonderful fruits in their garden, playing games like limbo and how-long-can-you-balance-a-stick-for and experiencing the great Enzo’s magic tricks!

Every night was a new taste experience depending on the nationality of the chef. Austalianos you will be proud to know that our Pumpkin Pie and Pavlova was a success (As was our big, fried Sunday breakfast!) But despite the nationality of the food dinnertime was always a noisy, memorable and delicious Chileno family experience! Due to our limited Spanish and their complete lack of English we were never really sure what was going on in the house. On a couple occaisions we made the mistake of going out for dinner, having a big dinner out in the local restaurant only to arrive home to table piled with steaming food! One thing is for sure, we have left Puerto Natales with very satisfied tummies and a warmth in our hearts!

Traditional chilean food consists of all of my favourite things. Fresh seafood, soups, corriander, potatoes and a delicious local drink called pisco sours (a local spirit served with lemon and icing sugar mmm). In most of the restaurants you will find ‘menu del dia’ which is set three course menu that costs between $4-6 aussie dollars, consisiting usually of a home made soup, a main of locally caught fish (or chicken) and a dessert. Much to our delight we found another cheap and very popular delicacy amoung the locals is helados – ice cream! Every afternoon at about 4pm there is a long line outisde the tiny ice cream shop of kids both young and old… For two aussie dollars you can have two giant scoops of any flavour ice cream in a wafer cone…

I could go on and on about the time we spent in Puerto Natales, the tiny little southern chilean town, but I will leave you to read about our 8 long (and very beautiful) days in Torres Del Paine….

Puerto Natales
Puerto Natales
The gateway to the famous Torres Del Paine National Park in the far south of Chile, but also a great place to hang out.