In Pucon “Adventure capital of Chile” we were not able to be too adventurous unfortunately. I was still suffering from an upset tummy and Soph was coming down with the flu. So, beneath the looming, smoking volcano and beside the gorgeous blue lake, we simply relaxed. We stayed with Pablo, a friend we met in Puerto Montt, and our main activities were watching movies, cooking, eating and playing Go.

The town itself is in an incredibly beautiful location, and although we weren’t able to swing through gorges, raft rapids or hike up smoking volcanoes, our stay in Pucon was just what we needed. Besides, Pablo’s friend Gonzalo’s Macchas Parmesiana (fresh muscles, grilled on the shell with Parmesian cheese) were as amazing as any volcano hike.

We decided we had to do at least one touristy excursion, so on our last day we bussed out to Los Posones hot springs and spent a blissful couple of hours in the crystal clear pools there. Then it was straight onto an overnighter to Santiago and on to Valparaiso, apparently the place that invented the word “bohemian”.