Yerba Mate (pronounced Sher-ba Mah-teh not Yeh-bah Mayt ) is an hot drink that is really big here in Argentina. It is quite an interesting process so I thought I would write up a brief description.

You will need:

  • Yerba - This is the “herb”, its something like green tea.
  • Mate - is a small pot, often very ornate and made either from a gourd or wood, Mate being a type of wood.
  • Bambilla - a metal pipe with a filter on one end, usually decorated
  • Themo - thermos flask with hot water

First the Bombilla is placed in the Mate and then Yerba is poured into the Mate, almost filling it. Water is slowly poured on top of the Yerba, taking care not to cover it completely and “drown it”. The water should be hot, but not boiling hot as this can burn the Yerba and spoil the flavour. You then suck the beverage through the Bombilla. When dry, more water is poured in and the apparatus is passed to the next participant. More Yerba is periodically added on top as required.

Now you too can drink Yerba Mate like an Argentino! Thanks to Alejandro and Manuel for the Yerbadoring instruction.