We travelled by bus for a night and half a day through the endless, open, grassy plains of Argentina. Towards the end of the journey we started seeing the beginnings of the Andes and the road began to wind amongst some quite scary hills and cliffs. It wasn’t long before we were in the mountains at San Martin de los Andes. It is a really beautful alpine swiss looking town, with log houses, steep roofs and flowers everywhere. It was also freezing cold, wet and very windy. We spent two nights there in a hostel, but with the weather as it was, we didn’t do much other than plan our onward journey on the internet, and shop on the main street, which was lined with outdoors shops. At that stage we were wondering what we had gotten ourselves into. It was way colder than our clothes could handle so we spent hours looking through different garments and all of the hundreds of different expensive proprietary technologies that each would use to make sure I would be dry and warm. Eventually Sophie settled on a jacket, but it was all too much for me and I couldn’t decide.

After a couple of days there we decided that we should just forge on regardless of the weather, so we checked out and made our way to the pier, walking along at a tilt of 15 degrees into the howling wind. From there we caught a ferry across Lake Lacar to a camping place called Quila Quina. It was to be the start of our trip along the Seven Lakes Road (Siete Lagos) The ferry crashed its way through the waves, soaking anyone who dared pop out of the cabin to take pictures of the beautiful turqoise water. It was magical, as over the course of the trip the clouds cleared completely and we arrived in a completely different climate, still cool, but clear blue skies and a blazing sun beating down on us.

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