At this stage, having spent quite a lot of time in the lakes area, we had decided to move on to see some different scenery. So despite Bariloche being very beautiful, clinging to the hills on the shores of the huge Lago Huepi and surrounded by towering mountains, we booked  our ticket onwards for the next night.

We had one night there though, and it proved to be interesting. A few minutes before our bus left, on pilfered internet, we had hastily booked a couple of beds in a hostel in Bariloche as it is very busy at this time of year. We arrived at 5pm to find out that our booking had not been registered yet and they were full that night.

It could have been quite bad, but the hostel, Ponto Sur, really ran around for us, and in the end the owner of the hostel offered us his spare apartment, all to ourselves and right by the bus station. He even picked us up and took us there. So we spent the night in an apartment with two rooms, kitchen and bathroom all to ourselves, for the price of our 10% booking deposit. Go Ponto Sur!