Our point of arrival in Quila Quina was a bit of a shock as at the ferry point is the arch-typical expensive, touristy, beachside cafe, humming with vacationers. The only difference was that every single one of them was speaking Spanish, and we were the only gringos. It was quite a strange experience to be in what was obviously a tourist hotspot but was completely lacking in American, Australian or Japanese voices. It seems the Argentineans and Chileans do a lot of local vacationing.

Luckily, after walking a couple kilometers, we found ourselves a campsite that was not nearly as busy. It was quiet and set in the most beautiful location on a point on the shores of Lake Lacar. It was good to finally unleash our little hiking tent, make a fire and brew ourselves some tea. With the sun out, we could now appreciate the crystal-clear, blue water of the lake lapping against the rocks. There were fields full of wind flowers everywhere, and nearby was a icy cold creek running along the rocks into the lake.

The campsite was beautiful too, with really simple wooden shacks and a very friendly, yerba mate drinking, accordion playing, camp keeper, who wafted the campsite with traditional accordion tunes in the evenings. We spent our time relaxing, eating and having swims (very short). The one day I also did a bit of an excursion up the nearby hills and got some amazing views of the lake and surrounds.

After two nights it was time to move on. Our plan was to hitchhike along the seven lakes road, but it didn’t turn out exactly as we envisioned. It started with us lugging ourselves and our gear up a couple km of steep dirt road in the hot sun while being coated with dust by the non-lift-giving cars passing by. Eventually a nice couple gave us a lift. They told us that there are busses along the seven lakes route that were quite cheap and that it might be a better idea to make use of them. We reluctantly agreed, and so it was that we found ourselves sitting at the bus station back in San Martin, which was now a lot warmer and sunnier.

Quila Quina, Lake Lacar
Quila Quina, Lake Lacar
Our first camping spot in Argentina. On the shores of Lake Lacar near San Martin.