After a long day of hauling our bags, we arrived at our first lake, Lake Hermoso, in the late afternoon, to find that the campsite there was now closed. Not giving up, and not really having a choice either, we lugged our stuff along the 2km road to the lake itself. As the sun was slowly going down there were a few people who kindly stopped to tell us that there was no camping at Lake Hermoso, before happily carrying on their way. We smiled and nodded and kept going. As it was getting dark and Sophie was suffering from a bad headache we had to make a plan. We hopped off the road and a little way into the bush and found ourselves a nice little stealthy camp spot, tucked in a grove of bamboo. It was a very quick dinner, and then we were fast asleep.

The next day we left our little nest with day packs and spent the day exploring Lake Hermoso, another crystal clear blue lake. There were even more wild flowers here, with thousands of daisies and other flowers lining the roads. In the evening we had an early dinner on the banks of a small pool called Pudu Pudu. Lined with reeds it was very reminiscent of some of the lakes on Fraser Island.

That night our sleep was disturbed by clumbsy hoof steps and snuffling around the tent from what we decided was a wild pig. We sent him on his way with some loud clapping and could hear him crashing through the bush and the water of the pool. Once at a safe distance he snorted and grunted in disgruntlement. The rest of the night was quiet and in the morning we packed up and were able to hail a bus to the next lake along the route, Lake Faulkner.

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