Starting from the previous lake the road turns nasty. Untarred and very dusty, it winds along some very steep mountainsides and valleys with a lot of crazy contruction work happening along the way. The views from the bus were nice however. When we arrived at Lago Espejo (Mirror Lake) our bags were coated with white dust, as was our campsite, as it was right at the base of a steep section of road. It was also quite crowded.

It had been a hectic days travel and we weren’t really up to trekking along the beach to find another stealth campsite so we set up there anyway. Needless to say this lake was also stunningly beautiful. We had an early night, listening to a bit of the awesome Spanish music we have acquired from various people.

In the morning I was up again for sunrise, it wasn’t quite as cold this time. The sunrise was magic, and I returned to camp to find Sophie up and making us some delicious oats porridge with dates, now our staple for camping in cold places. Just before our bus we were able to fit in a quick walk to Lago Corentoso, another nearby lake, plus the customary skinny dip.

Then we found ourselves at the end of the Seven Lakes Road, on a bus to Villa La Angostura.

Lago Espejo (Mirror Lake), Siete Lagos
Lago Espejo (Mirror Lake), Siete Lagos
On of the last lakes on the seven lakes route before reaching the end at Villa La Angostura.