After Las Vegas it was really good to have the freedom of the car. You really can’t do much in Vegas without a vehicle. With our new found freedom we drove straight out of town and into the desert on one of America’s huge smooth highways. It was to be the start of an eight day, 1600 mile tour of all the nearby (relatively) National Parks that would end with us on the coast in San Francisco. The natural beauty of those parks was absolutely amazing. In the following posts I will give a relatively brief summary of each and let the photos do most of the talking.

As well as the amazing parks, there were several very interesting stops in the small towns along the way. In particular, I think we stopped at just about every second hand and antique shop we saw. They were always inhabited by very friendly people, only too keen to have a chat and help us out with any info they could. We also scored some mean bargains, like a super retro, mini thermos flask, actually made by thermos, for a stunning 25c!

It was quite sad when we arrived in San Francisco and had to relinquish our beloved second rental car.