Being the Grand Canyon and all we couldn’t really pass within a couple of hours drive without paying a visit. So from Bryce we drove south from Utah and into Arizona. Nearing the canyon we started passing through areas of snow. At one stage we had to stop the car to have a couple of slides down a snow covered hill and the mandatory snowball fight. The novelty still hasn’t worn off.

We visited the north rim of the park, and as expected the view was amazing. “Grand” describes it pretty well. The canyon stretches for miles and miles, and on the far side you can see the prefectly flat rim and mountain ranges far beyond. Its really impressive just having such a huge open space in front of you.

We were a bit pressed for time at that stage, so were only able to fit in a short walk through the snow covered forest along the rim. So we ticked that box, didn’t get the t-shirt and left again after a beautiful sundown, sleeping at a nice little park somewhere between Grand Canyon and Vegas.

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