The next park was Bryce Canyon. Although not originally on our route, we had seen so many amazing images of this place in the various Parks offices and visitors offices that we just had to visitt. It’s only a couple hours from Zion and before we’d even got there we’d been wowed by driving through the amazing red and orange landscape of the small Red Canyon Park. We got there as the clouds were breaking and the view from the first lookout we arrived at was breathtaking.

Bryce is all about hoodoos. Thousands of improbably tall and knobbly columns of rich coloured sandstone, sculpted by the wind and rain. It is such and unusual and alien looking landscape, it really is amazing.

We had been warned by a couple of people that “it might be a bit cooler” up at Bryce, but we’d taken it in the Australian sense. It was freezing! Actually freezing! It was Spring, but in the evening and morning when I was taking photos it was cold enough to really make my fingers hurt and it was below zero during the night. We’d had some really cold temperatures in South America especially combined with wind, but it was not often below zero. This was a big surprise. We had a very chilly night in our tent.