For our third and final leg in New Zealand we had another car relocation to move us from Christchurch to Dunedin from where we’d be flying out. This time we were more luckily with car type, getting a very comfortable Toyota Aurion to drive. We did most of the drive in the dark, planning to camp half way.

Naturally, our last night of the trip simply wouldn’t be complete without some kind of incident. While looking for the campsite I attempted to do a simple three point turn on a fairly wide tar road. The front wheels went off the tar and lo and behold, the car was stuck. The ground by the road was fairly flat and covered with grass but was hiding an increadibly soft mud beneath. Who would have thought the car was front wheel drive anyway?

After getting stuck initially, I ignored the warning bells going of in my head and after a few stupid manuevers we were further off the tar and completely stuck against the grassy verge. We were at once both increadulous and amused at how we could be so stuck and at the same time very annoyed that we were. After a huge effort at getting us unstuck involving lots of sticks and grass and gravel and digging and even a car jack, Sophie, being the female, got fed up and did the clever thing, going over to the house across the road to ask for help. There, she was greeted by 4 burly men playing poker, who had no problem pushing us out of the muddy mess we’d made. They were really nice, the mum even offering for us to stay at their place if the campsite was too chilly.

We arrived very tired at our final campsite to spend the last night of our epic journey. The next day we stopped and the very cool Moeraki boulders before proceeding to Dunedin airport for our flight out. We boarded the plane without trouble, and after a very pleasant flight with Air New Zealand we arrived at Brisbane Airport. Back in reality.