Villa la Angostura is a small touristy town and is the end of the Seven Lakes route. It is set between two lakes and amonsgt the moutains and I´m sure it would normally be a very beautiful town. However, our stay there of three nights was wet and cold. Luckily, soon after we got there we were in the shops and Sophie finally convinced me to shell out for a proper waterproof / windproof jacket. It is made out of pure GORE-TEX®©, apparently a substance that costs more than its weight in gold. It has worked very well though and saved me from being very wet in Angostura where it rained constantly. Some of the attractions we might have seen if it had not been so miserable, the shortest river in the world, and the Bosque de Arrayes, a forest where Walt Disney is said to have gotten his inspiration for Bambi.

The one upside of our visit to Villa La Angostura was that, after our first night in a backpackers, we were ablt to contact a friend of Alejandro (who we met in Buenos Aires) who live their with her mum and rents out their spare room. The next two nights we stayed with them in their lovely rustic wooden house tucked in the back of an amazing jungle of a garden. It was awesome to stay with locals and we shared a couple of meals, a good few rounds of Yerba Mate and some delicious local beers from El Bolson.

We after waiting for a couple nights for the weather to clear up, we decided that, like in San Martin, we had to just forge onward. So we jumped on a bus to Bariloche, and like in San Martin, we arrived in Bariloche under clearing afternoon skies.